Happy New Year!

My life has revolved around the school year since I started kindergarten, so for me, the new year is signified by the school year in a much more meaningful way than mid-winter. This is the time when I aspire to begin new habits, begin new projects professionally, and with the new cross country season I always have new running and fitness goals. This year the eclipse drew more attention to the New Moon, leaving me even more reflective on the whole process. 

As for writing, I have several new ventures in the works, and though I’m pushing myself into areas I’ve previously avoided due to lack of technical skills, I’m committed to learning so that I can reach my goals. The most exciting, and scary, new venture is my online learning community, “Cottrell’s Corner,” hosted on http://cottrell-s-corner.teachable.com/. It’s extremely bare bones for now, as I’m running a private group and working to develop a pilot memoir class/workshop. The learning curve is steep as I don’t even handle my own website without a ton of support from Nan Tepper Design. (https://nantepperdesign.com). 

Physically, I’d like to eat cleaner and healthier, so I’ve signed up for some meal delivery services during times I know that grocery shopping becomes nearly impossible. I’ve also started incorporating clean, blended, juices and soups that I order from Brooklyn, NY and arrive conveniently frozen. One week ago, I also started the 21-day Russian Kettlebell Swing Challenge, thanks to the power of suggestion as I listen to the Steve Dahl Show on a daily basis and they’ve been talking about it a lot. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing happening in this new year is my upcoming presentation at #HippoCamp17, a Creative Nonfiction Conference hosted by Hippocampus Magazine. I'll be attending the conference in Lancaster, PA from September 7-10 and speaking about How to Find or Build Your Own Writing Community. There are still a few tickets available if you'd like to attend: http://www.hippocamp2017.hippocampusmagazine.com

I hope your new year is off to a great start!




Posted on August 28, 2017 .