Blogging for American Writers Museum

Hi all-

It's been WAY too long! Obviously. I've just never been able to commit to regular blogging here on my own site. I need an assignment, a reason, an outside motivation, and I've found it: I've been excited since I first heard of American Writers Museum's plan to open in Chicago, and I wanted to be a part of it immediately! So, I am. I'm one of many bloggers, in very good company, and I already have some VIP opportunities thanks to that connection. I'm very happy to be connected with the museum and I look forward to further collaboration. In the meantime, my blogs will start appearing soon there, and I'll let you know via social media when they are posted. I hope you'll read my posts and others, and of course, I'd love to see you at Opening Day for the museum on May 16th if you are in the Chicago area!

In the meantime, happy writing!




Posted on April 18, 2017 .