Still celebrating Woodstock!

I'm still celebrating the Woodstock Writers Festival, that is. What I mean is that I'm still riding high on a wave of positivity, a burst of creativity and growth, and a real celebration of all the new connections and how they have enriched my life. Maybe the best evidence of this continuing celebration is my ongoing plan to return to Woodstock in August!

I've enjoyed the explosion of activity on Twitter, so much so that I'm not dreading Facebook as much as I once was (more on that soon). I'm still making my way through the many books I bought on my trip, reading much more than I was before, and subsequently writing more. Funny how that works. Though sometimes the writing is difficult, and sometimes there are those who are discouraging, I'm reminded that there is a whole community of writers out there who have felt the same, and who are there to support me.

A special thanks this week to Beverly Donofrio for her very encouraging email, to Mary Anne Erickson for partnering with me to share our work, and to Lauree Ostrofsky, who is becoming more and more of a friend. Thank you again to the Woodstock Writers Festival for bringing these fine folks into my life!



Posted on April 21, 2015 .